Make Your Self-Tanning Lotion

You don’t have to lay on the sun for hours, or in a tanning bed to get your tan. You don’t need the tan that may be followed by future regrets! Skin cancer is the last thing you need in order to have your glowing bronze shine.

There could be other self-tanning recipes that would achieve good results without damaging your skin.

How about you make your own self-tanner?You may ask why make it if I can purchase one? Commercial sunless products come with a chemical called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This can cause irritation for some people that are allergic to it’s smell. Your homemade lotion will not have DHA, and will still give you the tan keeping your skin young and fresh as long as possible.

Cocoa Tanning Lotion

This is a very simple recipe that needs only two ingredients: White lotion and pure cocoa powder. You can use any white lotion, preferably unscented lotion to blend well with the cocoa smell.

  • Blend 1/3 of cocoa powder with 1/2 a cup of your lotion using a spoon.
  • Mix well until lumps are gone.
  • Add more cocoa powder if you need a darker shade, and don’t worry, the lotion will appear a bit darker than it will on your skin.

That’s it! Apply it on your body and wait until it’s fully absorbed. You may add one more coat of the mix for a darker shade and let it dry on your skin.

Ofcourse this is a temporary tan, so it may fade away gradually with your daily showers, and you’ll have to reapply it as needed.

It’s better to exfoliate your skin one day before applying your self-tanner for best results.

Tea Tanning Lotion

Just like the cocoa powder tanning lotion, you will need a white unscented lotion.

  • Take a cup of water, boil it and pour into a mug with 4 black tea bags. Let it rest to brew for a couple of of minutes to get a dark tea solution.
  • Let it cool before blending.
  • Mix it with your lotion as until you get your desired shade. Usually it’s one cup of lotion with half a cup of tea ratio.

There is your self-tanner! Just like any lotion, apply to your skin and wait until it’s absorbed. You may add another layer of lotion if you need a darker shade. It’s recommended that you exfoliate your body before applying your lotion. Apply this lotion every day until you get your desired shade.

Black tea lotion works as a natural dye for your skin, giving you the bronzy sexy tan you’ve always wanted.

For even a richer color, you can mix both lotions together. The Cocoa powder lotion with the tea lotion.

Some people may skip the lotion with the tea self-tanner. They put the tea solution in a spray bottle and spray it all over the body. You have to be so careful with this and make sure you don’t miss any spot.


If you don’t have tea, you can use coffee! yes, coffee! it works really well, however, I prefer the tea set-tanner.

Be careful, all the lotions serve as dyes. It could stain your carpet or your towel. I would also avoid wearing white clothes right after applying it to be safe.

Enjoy your summer with a healthy glowing skin!



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